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How Do I Remove Dust From My Camera?

Question: I recently bought a Nikon DSLR and today looking through the view finder I noticed a spec of dust ( or something ) in the top right corner. However, this does not appear on any of the images. I took plenty of landscape images where the dust appears to be in the sky, but having […]

White Balance In Manual Mode

Question: I have recently experimented with manually settings on my camera, taking one set of pictures with auto white balance and another set with, for example in Daylight. Pictures taken with auto WB very often have a slight color change while no difference is apparent when one of the manual WB settings are chosen. It […]

Settings For Indoor Low Light Photogr...

Question: I was just wandering how what would be recommended settings to use indoors. My light meter in my camera well off for ideal conditions. Is there a general rule of thumb I should follow such as 800 or 1600 ISO? Answer: One of the wonderful things about digital photography is receiving instant feedback. You’ll see […]

What Telephoto Lens Should I Buy?

Question: I was thinking of buying a used Canon EF 75-300mm zoom lens.  Do you have any advice or experience on whether this is a good lens and if it’s worth buying? Thanks Answer: A 300mm telephoto zoom lenses will range in price from around $100 to $2,000. To a large extent you will get […]

Checklist For Wedding Photographers

Question: Would you happen to have a list of common wedding shots or a check list that would help me with my first wedding gig? Answer: Congrats on your first gig! This list is pretty common and a good starting point.  I would print it out or put it on your phone so you can […]

Help With Adobe RAW

Question: I am playing around with Adobe RAW and one thing that concerns me is that some of the raw photos seem grainy. The jpegs of the same photo are really crisp. I notice this in the lower light photos. Is this normal, am I underexposed and is it fixable? Answer: JPG and RAW are […]

Tips For Digiscoping

Question: Would you have any tips on digiscoping? I am wondering is it worth the money to invest in a scope or should I just rely on my 100-400? I found an article about digiscoping but I’m wondering will the scope take away some F-stops? Will clarity be a factor? Answer: Digiscoping can be a lot of […]

Outdoor Family Portrait Photography T...

Question: I was approached by a friend of mine that wants have her and her daughter’s portraits taken outdoors. I am still in the learning phases of portraits, and was a little apprehensive, but thought I would give it a shot. So this throws in a whole different range of things I was not thinking about. […]

Canon 350d Focus Modes

Question: Hi there, I am still unsure of what the 3 different focus modes and the 3 different metering modes mean on my Canon 350D? I don’t know when best to use what…. Answer: There are three (well really two) on the 350D. “One-Shot AF” which is used for static (non-moving) subjects and “AI Servo […]

Is Image Stabilization Worth The Mone...

Question: I am looking to get a larger lens for shooting wildlife, we are always out and about in the country and I find myself coming up short with focus distance. Looking at a Canon 400mm prime but don’t know if IS is worth the money. Answer: I purchased the Sigma 80-400 OS which has […]