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Start Learning Photography provides you with a free, easy to access introductory course on digital photography. To start, simply use the menu on the right side of the screen to begin navigating our course.

Who We Are

Founded by experienced photographers, Start Learning Photography provides novice photographers with the technical skills and tips to take photos like a pro. The best qualities of our site are the free, easy to follow beginner photography lessons and a range of resources to guide beginning photographers to intermediate and advanced levels of performance.

Free, easy to follow beginner photography lessons, the beginner photography lessons feature topics about the science of light and how to manage exposure, camera settings, shutter speeds and aperture settings. The lessons teach beginners how to capture the color, shading and image clarity he or she sees in real life on film, or digitally. Each lesson covers a single topic and links basic scientific concepts with camera functions.

What You Can Expect

The authors contributing to the site include experienced and professional photographers. They specialize in diverse subject matter including studio photography, weddings, travel photography and graphic design. Users of our site are encouraged to take advantage of our ask and expert a question, where our authors will respond and post your question and answer for others to benefit from.

Beyond the free photography lessons, the site provides tips to help hobbyists select camera equipment and use photo editing software. After visiting our site, beginners will know the difference between “point and shoot” and DSLR digital cameras. They will understand megapixels and how they impact the print size and quality of digital photos.

Start Learning Photography features articles and reviews by professional photographers sharing tips in the areas of sports photography, digital photography and portrait photography. Additional blog posts take a deeper dive into subject matter like travel photography, cloud storage for photos and more advanced camera equipment. The site provides a schedule of photography workshops visitors can attend in person and a list of colleges and universities that offer post-secondary degrees in photography and photojournalism for the beginner looking to become a professional.

Whether starting a new hobby or a new career, Start Learning Photography should be your preferred on-line resource for learning photography.

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