Canon EOS Rebel T3i Tips And Tricks

Canon EOS Rebel T3iYou have just purchased or been given the Canon EOS Rebel T3i camera. The problem is that you may not know how to use it for unique photographs and videos. Luckily, following a few tips and tricks make it so you can take breathtaking pictures and movies with ease.

If you want to get the most out of your T3i, I would suggest this course as a great starting point. If you are already knowledgeable with photography and using DSLR’s then read on.
When you want perfect lighting for your pictures, the Canon EOS Rebel T3i offers the capabilities to have wireless flash. You can add Speedlites to your camera, just use the built-in flash or combine the two for studio-like images. When using your flash, be sure that the slave flash unit or units are set to the same channel. The camera does the rest of the work by making sure you get good exposure.

A+ Shooting Mode
When you want to leave the work to the camera, using A+ shooting mode. This mode includes Auto Picture Style, which sets the sharpness, saturation, contrast and color tone. Everything is evaluated and adjusted before taking the picture.

Movie Mode
Something new on the Canon EOS Rebel T3i that is not available on older models is the Video Snapshot. These features allows you to take very short video clips, then you can save these to video albums. Splice all these short clips together to make a memorable video. The camera comes with video editing software so you can add titles, place in still photos, make your video black and white or even edit in other creative manners. Add music to your videos with the software as well. Use music that is provided, or add your own from your computer or memory card.

Unique Photography
Create many unique photos by varying angles and using reflections. People tend to shoot photographs straight on, but by using the vari-angle LCD of the Canon EOS Rebel T3i, you can shoot from a worm’s eye view, upward, downward or extreme low angle. Reflection photographs, taken as close to the reflective object as possible, make it look like there are two identical objects. Because of the LCD on this camera, you are able to adjust angles more quickly and easily.

These tips are great starting points to give you unique videos and pictures. Play around with the different modes, use a variety of angles, add more lighting and edit to create your own interesting photographs.

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