Canon EOS Rebel T5i Tips And Tricks

The Canon EOS Rebel T5i camera is the latest beginner’s model Rebel series camera. For many buyers, it represents their first step into more serious photographic equipment. These little entry-level SLR cameras walk the line between professional level results and a friendly easy to use camera and do it well. Mastery will come quickly, with just a little practice.

If you want to get the most out of your T5i, I would suggest this course as a great starting point. If you are already knowledgeable with photography and using DSLR’s then read on.

The controls are minimal on the small camera body. Individuals accustomed to using an LCD screen to set up shots still have that option. The screen is a capacitive touch screen for easy editing on the go, as well. There is also a more traditional viewfinder for fine tuned picture taking. The kit 18-55mm non-IS lens has enough range for both clear close-up shots and distinct distance imagery.

First time users will be able to achieve richly saturated images with the scene intelligent automatic detection mode. As confidence builds, the simple to understand adjustments in the Live View mode allow for adjustment on the go with nearly instant feedback on the camera’s large LCD screen. Creative filters such as fish-eye and black and white can give easy individual flair to projects. Pre-set light metering settings and the handy auto-focus feature keep the learning curve accessible to everyone.

Handy Tips for First Time Users

If you are unboxing the T5i for the first time, head straight to the image Mode Dial. This is found on the top of the camera and has many little images on it. Simply select the proper image to correspond to the scene.

For example, choosing the image of the small head will set up the camera to take excellent portraits. The image of the flower sets the camera up for detailed close up shots. The little mountain image sets up the camera for dramatic long distance pictures. For completely automatic shots, leave the dial set to the A in the box image. These four settings will cover most picture taking opportunities for the average user.

After becoming familiar with the top Mode dial basic settings, the user should learn how to adjust different manual settings. The SCN image allows the user to take pictures with different light needs than normal. This is the setting for use at night or for fine tuning settings. It also allows the user to control the exposure for back lit scenes. Command of this setting will yield professional results in no time.

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