Nikon D5200 Tips And Tricks

The Nikon D5200 is its advanced beginner DSLR camera. This camera has the same 24MP resolution that the Nikon APS-C cameras have, along with many other features that help you to become creative in capturing memories as photos or videos to view and share with others.

If you want to get the most out of your D5200, I would suggest this course as a great starting point. If you are already knowledgeable with photography and using DSLR’s then read on.

Before you begin taking photos or shooting video, Nikon suggests it is a good idea to set the timer on the monitor to a long off delay to prevent it from turning off while you are using the camera’s menus. To do this, go to the custom setting menu, choose timers/AE lock, which brings up the auto off timers. Click on the long setting.

This camera has an auto feature that makes taking great shots easy. In addition, the side-hinged variable-angle LCD monitor flips out from the camera and rotates so you can adjust it to look into it to frame a shot from high or low angles as well as while taking self-portraits.

To begin, turn the camera on, open the monitor and rotate the mode dial on top of the camera to auto. While holding the camera steady, make sure to frame the subject in the viewfinder, press the shutter release button halfway to focus and then press it the rest of the way down to release the shutter. In auto mode, the flash will detect if the subject is too dark. If you do not want to use the flash, select the auto flash off mode.

To record movies in full high-definition rotate the live view switch to display the view through the monitor’s lens, center what you want to film in the white frame, press the shutter-release button halfway to focus and press the movie-record button to begin filming. This button is located between the shutter-release button and mode dial. You can tell it is on by the flashing red record indicator light in the upper left hand of the monitor.

This camera has many features that are too numerous to explain in the space available here. For example, you can access a variety of special effects through the mode button while shooting. Afterward, you can edit photos and movies using the menu in the playback mode.

The basics mentioned here help you enjoy your new camera immediately. For more on how to get the most out of this camera, check out the video below.

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