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If your family sends out Christmas cards just about every year to friends and family members but your family does not look forward to cooperating, then it is time for you to make it fun and exciting for your whole family with these great Christmas photo ideas. There are many ideas you can do, but there are only five that make the list of the most fun and exciting ways to take photos.

One of the ways to make it fun are to add a backdrop behind you before you take the photo. You can have a professional do it if you want to, but it is not that hard to do it yourself. For your children, you may want to add a backdrop consisting of Santa and his reindeer. For the whole family, you could do a backdrop of a house being all decorated for the Christmas season with lights, the manger, and a door decorated with a wreath.


You could also take a picture of your family outdoors, and it does not have to be in your backyard. You can take a hike in the woods and take a picture there or if you live in a place where it is snowing, that would be the perfect Christmas card to send out. You do not even have to take pictures in your state if you want the snow falling down in the picture. You can take pictures while you are on a family vacation or you can had the snow falling down for an effect.

Family Building Snowman In Garden

Another fun way to make Christmas photos exciting is by using costumes. The parents could be Mr. and Mrs. Claus, and the children could be elves. If you have a newborn or a baby under one years old, you can dress that little one in a reindeer costume. This is a great way for the whole family to get excited about their Christmas photos because it is a lot like playing dress up.

Their is also a way to incorporate props in your photo. You could purchase some cheap presents or some hair pieces for the girls. This way is the best way for your children to get excited so they can look cute and have possession of something.


The last out of the five ways to make your Christmas photos fun and exciting would be to have matching outfits. If all of you do not have the same clothes, then you can purchase some at an inexpensive price. You do not have to just wear the matching outfits but you can incorporate this into the other four ways to taking Christmas photos.


With these five ways to making Christmas photos fun and exciting, you will without a doubt have the best pictures and every year you can look forward to doing something different. You can even ask your children what they would like to do and involve other parts of your family as well.

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