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Handy GoPro Tips & Tricks

The GoPro is a device that is increasingly becoming popular by adventure seekers, in fact, many users will agree that the Gopro has quietly replaced the standard video camera. The first thing to keep in mind if you are trying to get maximum results from your GoPro is to use it for a purpose; you may wish to consider creating the main events as you would like them to appear and then put them together in a story format. You can generate all sorts of footage from your device, but unless it makes sense to the viewer, you will have lost the effect.

Dare to Be Different
One of the biggest selling points for the GoPro is its ability to go to places that other cameras only dream of. You may have noticed a few users setting up their devices on surf boards. You should not be afraid to let a little water get on your device, in fact, in the majority of instances the GoPro will come prepared for you to take it for a swim.

Motion Prepared
The ability to take motion pictures will be in the palm of your hands, especially since the GoPro will give you the ability to lapse your video. This feature adds excellent benefits to the one taking the footage. Most devices will allow the user to have pictures taken on a second by second basis. Depending on the device, the user will be able to time the feature up to a one minute schedule. This is an impressive option for creating those time-lapse videos of your favorite sunset.

Ready set Action
If you are going to get the best use of your GoPro device don’t be afraid to attach it to your body or some moving device that you are in control of. This will provide the viewer with a bird’s eye view of the action. For those users who are trying for a different perspective, consider purchasing a quadcopter to improve the view. If you ever wondered what an hour in the life of your friendly canine is like, consider strapping the GoPro device to the animal and find out for yourself.